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End of Tenancy Cleaning

When it’s time to leave and after everything is packed and loaded the flat looks awfully large when it’s empty. But also all the signs of use are visible. There will be shadows on the wall where pictures and posters used to be. We’ll take care of that for the lowest price of £89.

Domestic Cleaning

Our Domestic cleaning offer is one of the oldest ones we have. Our proficiency in this area has reached immensely high levels. You can rely on us to conduct the most eco-friendly sanitizing procedure of your home during any time of the year. Our Domestic Cleaning starts form £9/h.

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Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry Carpet Cleaing ManchesterDry carpet cleaning is a widely used alternative to steam carpet cleaning. The method reduces drying time by approximately thirty to forty percent, whilst delivering the same lasting hygiene. However actual drying time will depend on relative humidity and ambient temperature inside the premises. Dry carpet cleaning uses very little water hence its name. However it requires the use of certain cleaning agents known as carpet shampoos. The shampoos are applied and removed using specialised cleaning equipment

Dry Carpet Cleaning – The Actual Process

  • The first step of the dry carpet cleaning method is to apply a so called dry cleaning compound, this is either sprinkled or worked over the carpet using a special machine. The dry cleaning compound is made of tiny particles containing water and cleaning agent droplets (usually solvent and/or detergent).
  • The chemicals present in the dry cleaning agent work by agitating the grime, dirt and soiling stuck to, and between carpet strands, and then softens and loosens them. The detergent ingredient creates a thick foam which is the means through which dirt and grime are lifted and then removed.
  • The use of mechanised equipment is necessary for effective application of the dry cleaning process as it thickens and spreads the cleaning foam much better and more evenly than if done by hand. Our cleaning technicians will make sure the foam is driven deep in between carpet strands as close to its bottom as possible, so that consistent, long lasting results are achieved.
  • Once the cleaning agent has done its job and all the dirt and grime are diluted and removed by the cleaning foam, the cleaners will vacuum or extract everything from the carpet using powerful, industrial grade vacuums.
  • In cases where stubborn stains or heavy soiling needs to be removed, the extraction may be followed by additional application of cleaning detergent.

Manchester Dry Carpet CleaingThe technicians and equipment

  • The dry cleaning service we offer is carried out by qualified technicians – working with the right people ensures consistent, quality results without risk of error.
  • Our cleaning systems are industry certified and deliver the swiftest, best possible results with minimum resource waste.

Additional technical information

  • Dry cleaning is generally a safe cleaning method which doesn’t use toxic substances, however these are cleaning products and they should not come into contact with children or pets.
  • The cleaning technicians will extract and remove 99% percent of the product from the carpet, but in all instances the carpet should not be used before properly dried out. In ideal conditions at least twelve hours.
  • The dry cleaning service is suitable for all types of natural and synthetic fibre carpets, it will not affect colours, dimensions or comfort properties of carpet. Can be used effectively in both residential and commercial premises.

Service pricing and booking options

The dry cleaning service we provide, in uniform with our general pricing policy, is affordable and delivers good value for money. It is available as one off, or on a fixed schedule basis – good option for commercial establishments and offices.  Dry carpet cleaning and floor cleaning services can be booked for any day of the week.

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