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End of Tenancy Cleaning

When it’s time to leave and after everything is packed and loaded the flat looks awfully large when it’s empty. But also all the signs of use are visible. There will be shadows on the wall where pictures and posters used to be. We’ll take care of that for the lowest price of £89.

Domestic Cleaning

Our Domestic cleaning offer is one of the oldest ones we have. Our proficiency in this area has reached immensely high levels. You can rely on us to conduct the most eco-friendly sanitizing procedure of your home during any time of the year. Our Domestic Cleaning starts form £9/h.

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Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning ManchesterArea rugs are definitely beautiful and they add a nice touch to the overall atmosphere in a room, but there is one major problem with them – they are a real pain to maintain clean.

So, instead of throwing away your rugs, or spending numerous hours trying to sanitize them and remove all sorts of stains, just give us a call for a special rug cleaning in Manchester service that is of a premier quality and offers great results at a reduced price. How is it possible, you ask?

Veteran carpet and rug cleaners are at your service literally around the clock

Well, our licensed cleaners are for starters very experienced individuals who have deep understanding of the cleaning industry. When they detect a stain, they know what the best way to proceed to cleaning it is. Furthermore they have access to the latest powerful steam cleaning equipment that utilizes the power of steam in order to deep clean the fabrics of all sorts of rugs, no matter what the material and method they were made with are. We offer around the clock support and a solution to every problem.

Count on us for:

  • Removing stains of all nature from your rugs – pet stains, wine stains, food stains etc.
  • General rug sanitation and maintenance
  • Deep rug cleaning in Manchester that rejuvenates your flooring solutions and prolongs their life

Eco friendly rug cleaning solutions

Manchester Rug CleaningWe offer you a thoroughly environment friendly rug cleaning in Manchester service. This means that in most cases we do not use anything more than the power of steam when delivering it. In those cases when the type of dirt/staining requires the use of some sort of a cleaning product, we will go for the green alternative – it will be just as efficient, but thanks to the absence of dangerous chemical compounds it will bear no hazard to the environment or the health of your family.

We have been the most reliable and trustworthy rug cleaning in Manchester company for years. In that time we have had the chance to work for thousands of clients and all of them left very positive feedback about the service we have provided them with – from the schedule and price that it was delivered on, to the results that our licensed and skillful cleaners have managed to achieve.

If you want your rugs to be perfectly clean at all times, there is only one thing that you have to do – get in touch with our polite and very knowledgeable customer support operators. They will do their best to accommodate you the way you hope to be, by booking your rug cleaning in Manchester for a day and time that is best suited to your schedule. Furthermore, a free quote for the full price of the project would be delivered to you so that you can properly consider your budget in advance. It is easy and it is efficient and cheap – there is no reason not to go for it. You can also check our one-off cleaning offers.

Get a free quote for any service and save up to 50% by combining services.

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